Step 3: Set Up Your Profile

Step 3: Set Up Your Profile

  1. Set Your Availability:

    While setting up your availability, please “Select All” to appear in the clients’ search at all times.

    If a client books you for a time when you are not available, you can reschedule with the client based on your availability.

2. Set Your Services and Pricing:

Go through every category and check the box for every service that you want to provide.

Set the pricing for each service you check.

As a pricing guideline, we suggest your regular salon price plus approximately 20%.

*Max people = maximum number of people that can be booked for one visit.

3. Complete Your Profile

  • Upload a profile picture

  • Write a short relevant bio

4.  Upload Gallery Images

4. Set Your Location and Service Area

We recommend a central location like downtown Philly to get started.

5. Add a Payout Preference 

Goto Settings—> Add Payout

Option 1:  Bank Transfer

Option 2: Paypal

Option 3: Stripe

6. Confirm Access to the Micro Salon Calendar:

You will receive a calendar invite from Dom Salons.  Please create a login so that you can reserve a time slot at a micro salon to meet your clients.

Please check your spam or junk folder if you did not receive it.